Industrial Chardonnay

The most popular white wine strain in the world comes from French Burgundy. Its remarkable plasticity and ease of adaptation to various climate conditions made that there is no place on Earth where Chardonnay creepers do not grow. Depending on the place of cultivation and the method of vinification, grapes may have various characteristics so wine may be different. The Chardonnay strain came into existence as a result of natural hybrid of Pinot Gris and Gouais Blanc (which is barely cultivated today). Chardonnay is an early-ripening grape variety, quite sensitive to frosts but only during the bud. Its bunches are small and they rarely exceeding more than 10cm length. They have cylindrical form and fruits are tightly knit. Berries are small, have an oval shape and ripe ones have amber shade. Their skin is thin and their flesh is firm. Because of the high content of sugar in grapes, it is possible to make wine with alcohol content reaching 14-15%.

Chardonnay strain is easily recognizable thanks to its characteristic peach and butter aroma. Among all white wine strains Chardonnay is the best for ripening in oak barrels. Depending on the way of production it is possible to get light, refreshing and mineral wine or long-living and heavy with very composed aroma wine. Chardonnay is frost-resistant and not susceptible to diseases, only thin skin on berries facilitate the formation of mold. In cold climate it has tendency to give wine which has light structure and noticeable acidity, green plum aroma, apple, pear and citrus. In warmer places wines have strong aroma of citrus, peach and melon, but in very hot places they have taste of fig, bananas and mango.

Wines that went through malolactic fermentation, have more delicate acidity and acquire fruity aromas with hints of hazelnuts and butter. This wine has from green-yellow to golden colour. Chardonnay has thousands of faces, depending on the place of origin or the way it is made. Everybody can find perfect wine for himself. Unfortunately the great popularity of wines from this strain translates into poor drinks massively besieging shops, so it is recommended to choose those wines carefully.

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