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This new wine project has been created on the initiative of enthusiasts of this unique drink. An in-depth analysis of the domestic market has led us to the conclusion that year after year wine gains more and more admirers. The Polish Council of Winemaking has already recognised a distinct, typically Polish culture of wine drinking. Growing demand and relatively small production of Polish wines conduces to the continuous import of this product. Therefore EAST WINES GROUP, catering to the expectations of Polish consumers, offers high quality Moldovan wines. Moldova is a small European country located in the former Bessarabia region known for extremely rich grapes growing culture. The centuries-old tradition of wine nurturing and consuming has been a landmark of this region, which borders currently Ukraine and Romania. Through years Moldovans have mastered the art of winemaking to perfection. So now we can enjoy the taste of the finest and unique Moldavian wines, yet still virtually unknown in Poland. That is why EAST WINES GROUP desires to launch a new trend among Polish consumers providing them with ones of the best wines in Europe.


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In our offer you can find a wide range of wines, starting with sweet and finishing with dry varietals. Providing professionalism, timeliness and personalised approach to every customer, we sincerely invite you to cooperation.

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